Trance trip

Had to build a VJ performance for my Digital Cinema class. By VJ I mean video jockey, but not the MTV VJ when they actually played music videos. Meaning mixing and mashing video clips in an artistic fashion using a computer program. I decided to use Resolume Avenue 3 instead of Max5. Just a bit more flexibility in Ave3, but since it is a demo version a text watermark and audio watermark are included in your output file.

After a bit of practicing and lots of video codec converting I happened to be reading a blog post about turning off a particular setting to make the program work faster. For some stupid reason I changed the setting right before I was to perform my set live in class, which was part of the assignment. I changed the setting back after seeing a few things change that I didn't like but it did not "undo" the change. As I was doing my performance everything was acting funny and several clips wouldn't play or work as designed. It was turning into an Amtrak route with the engineer texting while not driving. Despite all that, the class thought it was a pretty cool sequence of images and all. Luckily.

I actually spent too much of my time working on creating an audio track than I did on the video clipping and setup. I mixed together a handful of tracks from a couple trance artists to play outside of Ave3 as I didn't really get the sense I could play an entire audio track with the way I was running clips through the program. This was a recorded practice session before I screwed up the settings. So have a look and listen.

The concept was, just as the title of this blog, a Visual Journey based on the reflection of travel and transport in our bodies as much as our world.

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