VJ trip

Had to put together three VJ sets for a class prject in my Digital Cinema class for the end of the quarter. The only limitation was that the audio was to be a single element. That was stipulated because we will be projecting three different sets at the same time on three "screens" (a wall projection on a DU building outside) and funnel all the audio into one output. The result...don't know yet. It happens on Monday, June 1 after 8pm next to the Schwader Art Building on the DU campus at 2121 E. Asbury Ave. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and something to sip on for the show.

Here's what I think is the best of the three that I put together. Trying to get better about driving the audio and the video at the same time. It's difficult to mix audio while not letting the visuals get stale. I think once I learn how to use the program a bit more effectively I'll make some better compositions. I tend to get too wrapped up in making music and sound and leave the visuals unattended.

I'm working to develop a better library of video clips to use in the productions and get away from using other VJ's clips. The theme was dreams and space, but I didn't really have a developed idea and I think it comes through in the composition. It isn't as cohesive without a backbone or storyline to drive the piece. Let me know what you really think. It's a bit outside of what I've been normally sharing, so let it fly.

Here's links to Dreamspace 1 and Dreamspace 2.

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