Hello again...

I know it's been a while. Been busy doing this and that. Not much time to chat tonight so here's a slew of photos from the last couple weeks. I'll post something more along the lines of a blog posting here shortly. Until then....

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Another site of my drivel

So I decided to start up another blog about blogs and other stuff I find in my endless surfing. I'm canceling cable television for sure now. Even more so after the launch of HULU!

Feel free to hop on over there and find numerous sites to help kill time and fill your brain with interesting info as well as a few useless bytes. Like the one above.

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Bloodied and beaten

Shot the 4A State Semifinals in Boulder tonight. Same old run of the mill basketball action shots until Golden senior Emily Wareham got popped in the nose by Broomfield's Anna Prins in the first half. It took nearly half the game to get the bleeding to stop. But since she's probably a hockey player too, she returned to the floor and by then the Demons were getting torn apart by the Eagles. Needless to say Wareham and her teammates were sent home for the season.


I'm going to lose even more sleep?

It happens every spring. One hour of beautiful slumber gets thrown in some theoretical piggy bank to be cashed in during the fall. But with my schedule, an hour is fairly significant.

So how in the Wide World of Sports do you illustrate daylight-saving time before it actually happens on a Friday evening about 40 minutes before the sun disappears?

You go play with the light and tell your editor you have some weird stuff for him to look at...

Health Food

I love rushing from one assignment to another some days. But on days when there is not five minutes to eat, let alone eat anything healthy, it's frustrating. That is, except when you show up for an assignment on time only to learn that you have 20 minutes to grab some dinner after not having eaten for six plus hours and you have what seemed to be the tastiest slab of pizza in a weeks.



Rush rush all day long, rush rush while I make this song...

Was given the assignment to shoot stills and video of a "walking school bus." What's a walking school bus you ask? It's where several elementary school children and their parents gather up in a group as they walk to school in the morning. But looking back on the day, I wonder if it wasn't the opening of Pandora's evil little box.

The route was barely a mile. I knew it wasn't going to take long to walk a mile in the cold and snow. One issue was that I forgot to grab a video camera in my dazed fog of editing a beast of a video for another story the night before the assignment. I was already a bit perturbed that I had to do double-duty, so I grabbed my audio kit and decided I would make an audio slide show.

After working on that vicious beast of a video, which was a two-camera video shot with only one camera, I learned that stills allow for a wider scope of wiggle room in the editing process. A still can be stretched out a bit longer or shortened as needed and the time viewed is not based on the action or for the most part the audio track. A video clip has a C-130 load more influence from the motion and the audio in most cases. So back to my bus project....

I was feeling that doing the audio and stills would lend to better maximization of the brief time given to gather content. Well, looking back on the morning and in the editing area –which is not the quietest environment to be in nor void of distraction– I decided that I may have been wrong in thinking that I was better off shooting stills and gathering audio. I've determined that in many respects I should have driven back to the office before the assignment and grabbed one of the Canon XH-A1 cameras and JUST shot video. Then pulled frame grabs for the paper to run through the VooDoo Tool. All the audio and visuals would have been gathered at the same time. I wouldn't have "missed" a shot or three. I wouldn't have "missed" a great sound bite. I wouldn't have been so damn stressed out and sent a pathetic and out of line text message to my boss.

Lessons learned. The hard way. Sometimes the best way really. The countless possibilities present in multimedia also present countless learning possibilities that can make a very structured and eager person feel humbled after a bit of rage. Not that I would apply the notion of shooting only video and pulling frames to every assignment, but it will be something I will take into consideration and appraise the final possible results given the situation.