Series 90

So while wandering the 16th Street Mall making photos today with the 3600 intermediate class I took a venture down an alley. That venture started a series of frames for the rest of the morning.

Series 90 will be frames at 90 degrees to any particular wall with 90 degree angles as part of the visuals. I remember stressing my life away trying to come up with a personal vision and style for a semester project during my second year at Colorado Mountain College. I cursed my professor for months trying to come up with something, wondering why we had to do that "stupid assignment." Now I find myself doing that semester project in a matter of minutes.

I also had recently looked at Chip Litherland's series "accidental rothko" V1 and V2 which triggered in my mind as I was looking at a grouping of hard lines and angles in hard light. Had a bit of fun with it for a little while. We'll see where it goes....





Visit the Flickr pages of the photos to see them larger.

Here's a couple bonus photos from this morning as well. Found myself in the alleys a lot today. I was pretty bored with the mall I suppose.




Christopher Lawson said...

Awesome! Nice seeing, man! If that doesn't get a lowlife mutant like me inspired, not much will. =)

chip litherland said...


Beautiful pictures...I tell you what, I think I enjoy the process of finding these kind of photos more than I do the final result. Just exploring alleys and roads less traveled does it for me.

Again, really sweet post.



Joshua Buck said...

Very cool, Josh. Now you're the one ordering students to do those stupid assignments.