Part-Time shooting

Been working as a photo-tech for a photographer covering the Colorado Avalanche the last couple weeks. I basically complete captions, size images and do minor toning before FTPing them to the world. But I do have about half of the periods to shoot for myself, so I take my gear and do what I can. I've shot a whopping four NHL games now in my career. Needless to say I think I need to keep practicing. In the mean time, here's a few to review.





Hard to believe that 2009 is pretty much over. Hopefully I will have more shooting opportunities in the coming year to be able to share more visual goodies. See you on the flip side...


Cold Cross

Went out to watch a couple friends compete in the Colorado state Cyclocross Championships this weekend and in the bitter cold. Basically stuck to two lenses – 300mm and a 17-35mm – to try and shoot a simple little photo package. Though I didn't get there early enough to catch some of the fun mud and sloppy wrecks, it was fun to make some frames. Been in dire need of some shooting to get back in the groove of shooting considering I'll be ramping up the shooting and producing of images and video here real soon as I develop my thesis project for grad school over the next several months. Until then, here's to the end of cyclocross season and the up coming busy ski season.