Apré Fotos

Went up to Arapahoe Basin to take some turns and have been craving playing with a camera more and more the last few days. Been wrapped up doing other things, so I have no excuses. But I decided to play around for a few minutes while waiting for a guy to do somethings after getting blown all over the place and skipping off a few rocks, trees and anything else I could find under the crystalized water vapor lightly draping the mountain. Nothing fancy or well thought out. Just some split seconds from my afternoon and that sweet shallow depth of field. If there were a f/1 anything, I'd buy it in a heart beat. Along with a 3-stop neutral density filter considering the exposures I had to make at f/2 at 1/8000 at ISO 100.

I'll try to make more photos sooner. Though, I've said that already. New Year's resolution, right? Nah, just need to get my act together.







Day old bread anyone?

Got a call to cover the University of Colorado's winter commencement the other day. Had the option of shooting stills or video with another shooter. I chose the video. Wanted to work on my "skills" with the video camera, considering I can shoot stills anytime. It's not the greatest of productions, as there were some serious problems in post that I won't get into.

I would love to get a video camera, but with the prospect of HD video in DSLRs pretty much here I want to wait until the summer at least to see what options are available. Hoping that the Scarlet will be a feasible option by that time. But until then, you get my hack jobs from whatever I can get my hands on.


Unsilent Night

Was hired to shoot a quick video of an event in Boulder called "Unsilent Night." A group of people bring out boomboxes and other music players with speakers pre-loaded with the same song and walk the streets and sidewalks of Downtown Boulder. It's presented more as a live piece of art. Nothing too fancy as far as the video, mostly because I was a tool and hit the record button once too many times on a really good shot and actually stopped recording. That's what I get for not practicing the craft for nearly four months.

Not a fan of the tiny Scripps player.


Back in the game

Was given the job of shooting the Colorado versus Colorado State mens basketball game the other night. I haven't shot basketball in nearly nine months, so I was wondering how it would go. Guess I got lucky. Made a few decent frames and made deadline, so I guess it turned out alright.