Mountain Biking Again

Was asked by a good shooter and friend of mine, Marty Caivano, to shoot some photos of her riding in her team kit and on her team GT rig. So we headed out to Hall Ranch in Lyons with fellow photographer Joshua Duplechian for a morning of fun and fotos.

I was a bit of a tool and forgot to bring my mountain biking shoes and got to ride mountain pedals in running shoes on a short seat. Have to get that seat post swapped out so I can really ride. Oh, and ditch 30 pounds of camera gear on my back might help too. Had a blast out there though. Made a couple fun frames with the help of Mr. Duplechian as well. Took a few minutes to get back in the groove of shooting since it's been a while since I've shot something moving like this.

Here's hoping we win the team photo contest!


Marty Tripict


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