Southern Hemisphere, again

The trip to Peru was fantastic. Lots of hiking and walking, but well worth all the effort. Managed to hike to over 17,000 feet above sea level for the first time. Hadn't ever been over 14,200 feet (Grey and Torreys Peaks in Colorado) and learned that there is not much oxygen when you go up from five grand. Also learned the people of the southern Andes are strong and manage to live off very little that they raise from the high alpine tundra landscape. It was humbling. Reinforces the notion of our overzealous consumption society here in the States. When a young child manufactures a quality kite from some sticks and a plastic grocery bag, you take a moment and think.

Here's a gallery of what I narrowed down from the massive numbers of images I made. I went simple for the trip. Just took a 20mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8 and an 85mm f/1.8 and a full-frame digital body. Using your feet and head to work a better photo is paramount. Some days I just limited myself to one lens and made it work. It's always good to get back to the basics and be a photographer.

Working on a few more images and a video of the 45 mile-plus trek around Ausangate. Hoping to have it up here real soon. Feel free to give some feedback. Haven't had an honest critique in a very long time. Thanks.


Wonderful Wyoming, again

Had to go up to Wyoming to shoot a freelance gig yesterday. Made a couple other frames too for myself and hopefully for the client. We'll see I guess.

Leaving in a couple days for the southern hemisphere, so the blog might be dormant for a few weeks. Depends on connecting to the network while on the trip and if I really want to pull myself away from what we are doing. Until next time....