What it looks like most of the time....

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This is my cockpit. 100,000 miles in less than five years. Dozens of oil changes. Thousands of dollars in performance rubber. Countless "meals" at various fast food "restaurants." Ten states. Several road trips. Three accidents. Four tickets.

I sure love my German hardware and it's a good thing I like driving.

Thanks Santa!

Well, Santa came through on my Christmas wish for fresh snow to play on and in. Spent the day at Beaver Creek with a couple other journalists and a photog.

That makes two Christmases in-a-row that I've been able to play with lots of fresh powder. Can't wait until next year!

Thanks Rick!


Creativity lives and breathes...

So I was asked if I wanted to do a video on Tom's Tavern as part of an advancer for the burger-joint's closing. I was sent a link to a new audio slide show site that had a cool idea (see the Santiago show) of shooting in one direction for a long period of time and having the audio reflect the different aspects.

Well, there really wasn't any room for me to plop down my camera and scope out one booth for an hour. Plus the owner's son wasn't real sure he wanted me to be around at the busiest time of the day. So I decided to take a bit different approach for the video. I wasn't so worried about following a certain person or thing through an arc of time. I basically shot some video, and some stills, of what I thought looked cool. Then I was just trying to grab some audio that reflected the news of the place closing a little, but not so worried about who was saying it.

You see, there's a lot of folks that don't want the place to close, but the family has decided that since the owner, Tom Eldridge, passed away earlier this year from brain cancer that it was time to shut the pub down. It was his pride and joy of nearly 48 years and they wanted it to end that way. Not under someone else, even family. So I wanted it to be more about what the place stood for an not about the people going there. Not sure I pulled that off, but nonetheless...

It was a lot of fun and some interesting learning experience working in post production. I can't wait to take my next step in finding new edges to blur.


'Tis the season

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Dear Santa,

I will argue that I've been a fairly good kid this year, save for a couple of my less than finer moments at the office. Having said all that I would like to ask for just a few things this Christmas. First of all I would like to be able to push through some of my own personal barriers and hurdles to continue to grow and advance in my life and career. Second on the short list would be continued health and happiness to my family and friends.

Now for the last couple things on my list. One of the greatest gifts I received last year was 10 inches of fresh, lovely, light snow blanketing China Bowl while having a great time with my brother, Steve. If I could get even half of that this year I would be very gracious. The last wish on my list is to be saved for January 8th at noon. If you could throw me a belated gift of having all the synapses in this twisted brain work in concert once again for about four hours. You see, I need all the help I can get to score much better on an exam that could decide the future of my career and other life events.

So you see Santa, there's not much there. I was thinking about asking for a mountain bike, but I'd rather ride road again this year. I know the elves may have a hard time building a couple of those things on my list, but I know you have some serious magic at your disposal up there in the Great North. Happy travels this year on your annual journey.

Merry Christmas,

Caption: Alexis Pollicita, 9, types up an e-mail to Santa from a wish list in her notebook in the dining area of her Louisville home on Friday, Dec. 14, 2007. Pollicita's top wants for Christmas this year are a Nintendo DS hand-held video game and the popular Webkins interactive animals.


Curious customer

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Theo Pickens, 2, was about the most curious person at a fund raising event in Boulder earlier this week.

There were more than 50 donated and themed trees being raffled off for a couple local organizations. Most of those attending would meander through the forest of faux firs, dropping a little green number in a bucket in hopes of winning some interesting prizes. Little Theo wasn't as impressed with what the prizes were as he was with the actual trees.

It always helps to be curious.


It must be winter

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Looks like we're soon to be in the middle of one of my favorite times of year. Temperatures are falling and the mountains are hoping for the white fluff. Well, at least I'm hoping for the white fluff. It's time to link some turns.

That also means it's basketball season. Soon I'll be shooting basketball three or four nights a week. Soon they will all look the same. There's only so many armpits that are different. Some are shaved and some are not.

So here's one of the first multi-pit shots of the season. Until next time...