Fall drought

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't been doing much on here in a while. Just haven't been producing many visual elements lately. I'm learning how to build websites using CSS, designing a couple art projects and getting buried with grading work for the two photojournalism classes I'm teaching at Metro State.

But I have been posting a bit on my JL's Blog of Blogs. Been finding a few things here and there. So add that RSS feed to your goodie jar and I'll have some visual morsels for this space next week. Until then, enjoy the fall colors and weather.


Dinosaur track

0920081629.jpg, originally uploaded by ©JL.

Happened upon this while walking to the Light Rail station the other day.

A roll of 24 exposure unprocessed color film. Makes me want to dig out my film body and play for a change. Could be interesting....


Parade Redux

Shot about a hundred parades seems like. So this is what happens when you don't really think about what you expect and look for what you don't.

It's called fun....





The Showdown

So here's a few from the big football game. CU versus CSU at Invesco was fairly quiet this year. The game was a bit boring, with the exception of three plays in-a-row at the end of the first half. The tailgating was subdued compared to previous years. So I just did what I could and made a few frames that I liked. Shooting sports is like playing sports really. Sometimes you are "on" and other times you are "off."

This time I was neither. It was still a bunch of fun shooting my last collegiate game in a while with some of those other crazy kats who capture split seconds of time for a living. That is one thing that I will absolutely miss for a while. The camaraderie with people you are trying to out-shoot is unique and enjoyable. I'll be back in the mix soon enough I'm sure.