F in F5 is for Film

Ran an expired roll of Kodak Royal 25 through a borrowed F5 the last week or so. Just love the tones and romance of the film look. The flaws are wonderful. Digital is designed to be so pristine that it chokes the life out of an image at times. Also, with film there is much less ability to alter the tonality and range of the photos. I've been shooting a ton of RAW images and working them up in Lightroom 2.5, and while I'm assured of just about whatever tonality I would like the image to have it loses something.

These frames are just pretty much as they are off of the CD that I picked up from the Walgreen's One-Hour Photo lab. One or two may have a bit more exposure or contrast on them because of the scanning or camera misuse, but for the most part they are as is. My favorite is the scan of two different frames. I remember working at a photo lab and having to adjust the negs when a sun star in the corner of the frame blew-out the frame edge and fooled the auto neg carrier. It was always a pain, but this case was a fun surprise.

Just been jonesing to make something for myself out of desires of making something with tools that I feel confident and knowledgeable with. Grad school has been an awful lot of web developing and site building using languages and tools that are new and unknown to me. Which is not the kind of "making" I really want to do at the moment. The good thing is that I've decided on a thesis project idea that will allow me to blend many passions and future implications together. Making for a fun six or seven months of creation, learning and hard work blended in with a good amount of fun. We'll have to see if any of the content makes it here before the final creation of multimedia mojo. I'm just hoping it comes together well and a few others are ready to partake in some creation fun as well.









White snow with white dress

Had the pleasure to shoot a wedding out in Boulder a couple weeks ago. The weather was cold, snow was on the ground and the clouds were low but that didn't hinder or change plans. The couple decided to go ahead with the outdoor wedding plans. It ended up working out really well photographically, as the alternative was to have the ceremony in a big ugly tent. The light was much better outside.

I'm still waiting to hear if I can post anything else from the wedding that identifies the couple, so for now you get a couple of change ups. Enjoy.