What my mind feels like

I was walking back to the Light Rail station last night with my camera and decided to play with light for a few minutes. It was therapeutic as I had been struggling much of the day learning how to code using Processing for one of my classes at the University of Denver. Still don't have a firm understanding of how the code works, but I do know what I can create with it.

These creations were reflections of my mind after the long day of teaching and learning on the two different campuses. Now that both terms are underway I should be able to find a rhythm. Instead I'm certain I will have much more interesting visual representations of thoughts in the coming months. It will be good. Very good.




Lovely love

Was asked to photograph a friend's wedding yesterday. It was a bit of challenge to shoot in the small rooms filled with family and friends of the bride and groom, but looking at the images afterward I think I was able to make a few fun and important photos.

Now I just have to find some time to work the rest of them all up. Congrats to Kate and Rod.




I know that the first and third are a little repetitive, but I just really liked them both, so you just get to see them.



Just a quickie of some randomness in topic as well as visuals. Been wrapped up with learning as much as I can in class at DU before the start of the semester at Metro this week. Haven't been using the camera as much as I should, but when I do I always make sure to have some fun with it. With the days getting longer and participating in the shootouts I have with my students I should have a bit more to share.

I'm also looking into how I can post some of the fun visuals I'm creating for my Tech Foundations II class at DU. Some fun things just not sure how to go about embedding them into Blogger yet. Stay tuned.






Faster than a car tonight in Denver.


Refresher course

Shot some game action photos for the Centaurus High School basketball team the other night. It's been tough shooting sports once a month and still get some good frames. Shooting sports is like playing them. Practice to play.

Just set up a single light on a bleacher railing and bounced it off the white ceiling and blue ducts. The ambient light is close to non-existent (f/2.8 @ 1/320 @ ISO 5000) so after a few frames of finding the sweet spots of the light hitting the floor I started to play with some different ideas. Don't know if they work but feel like they are something different from the standard wire sports photos.





I get another go at it on Saturday but I think I'm going to give two lights a try and see what kind of stuff I can get.


Last Minute Call

Got a frantic call from my former photo editor to shoot an assignment because the staff was busy covering wildfires north of Boulder. So I ran up to shoot some photos of a woman that teaches a few different types of Indian dance.

I had a couple ideas to try and accomplish, but I was struggling to manage and manipulate my strobes. It's been several weeks since I had worked with multiple strobes so it took a few minutes to get my feet under me. In essence, I killed some of the valuable minutes I was limited to before she started to teach one of her classes. Guess that's what I get for not practicing. Good lesson learned, now I'll be working on shooting some things for practice even if it happens to by my giant plant Earl inside my apartment.

Until then, here are some photos of Bollywood West's Renu Kansal.