Two years, still trying to find good things to post

I've been posting my visual ramblings here for two years, as of yesterday. Hard to believe what has happened in those two years. I'm grateful for it all really. Regardless of them being "good" or "bad" situations at the time. I'm still trying to learn and hone my version of the visual craft. I have a long way to go yet.

These are a few frames from the Intro PJ class venture along 16th Street Mall today. The light was flat and somewhat boring due to some clouds, but shouldn't stop us from making interesting frames, right? I was able to meet Mr. Claussen as he removed and then replaced some anti-graffiti film on the window of a bank. Great guy to talk with. Learned a new thing or two from him.

That's what I miss the most from working at a daily newspaper, the people. The people you meet on accident, or forced into meeting through an assignment or news event is the best aspect of the job. Everyone has a story, regardless of the news value, we should be able to share them all. Being social creatures we should be able to be more connected and educated by learning from and about each other. Just wish more people would buy into that idea. I know I will get back into a situation where I can learn of and meet more amazing people. Just have to make it through another annual blog anniversary and a few months more. In addition to countless other life events to gain more sense of myself from. But, until then...






Civic Center Photo Play

Had the intermediate photojournalism class meet up in Civic Center Park in Denver to wander around and shoot for class yesterday. They were confined to a particular area and had some broad shot list ideas to complete. There was not a ton of activity going on in the parks or around the public buildings, but I'll be curious to see what they all were able to come up with. In between observing their approaches to subjects and photos I made a few frames for fun myself. Hopefully I'll get time today to have some chromes processed and scanned to post here.

Until next time...






Winter wonderland

Went up to eastern Washington again for a visit to see my wonderful girlfriend last weekend. We and a couple of her friends went for another trek up Moscow Mountain on snowshoes. The fresh snow and great light made for a few fun frames. Now I must get back at some grad school projects that are due relatively soon. Procrastination has become quite an anchor lately. Hopefully I'll shake it off and accomplish some goals for a change.