Experienced a live art/cinema/electronic media performance the other night as an extension of the performers, David Stout and Cory Metcalf, doing a week of visiting and teaching at DU. The performance was held at the Gates Planetarium in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and I made some frames for the DMS program as well as the artists. It is hard to really classify their craft into a containment box. It is an experience.

The production is a creation of generating forms or organisms from data sets of numbers and mathematical equations that in turn generate tones or sounds that are then remapped as the forms remap. The artists do a bit of containment of the organisms in the space by using various control devices and infrared sensors. The title of the group NoiseFold is a bit revealing. The noises are folded into itself as the visuals are folded as well. The result is a one-time creation of evolving organisms or forms on two screens that communicate and at times merge as they develop. The auditory experience was very unique and engaging. Here's a link to a video of a performance.






Joshua Buck said...

Cool stuff, Josh. Sounds and looks interesting.

JL said...

Thanks man for the look. It was a mind trip to be sure.

Maybe someday I'll be known more for my live digital cinema rather than my mediocre still images.