Had a trip up to Seattle and Sudden Valley, east of Bellingham, WA, last weekend. Love was heavy in the air like the rain soaked clouds hovering over the lush landscape.

As with my personal life, my personal vision has begun to shift into new dimensions. Seeing life differently with immense emotion and passion pumping through my mind and body is fascinating. In addition to the life changes, many notions of perception and interpretation from my courses at DU are impacting my motivations with visual capture/creation.

I've shifted away from having an overwhelming sense to have clean, structured and blatant storyline images. Embracing and connecting with the internal emotions and other perceptual senses of being present in a moment to drive the visual narrative is allowing me to not force images onto the sensor of the camera. Letting the light shine in and fall as it may is lifting the burden of wielding a heavy hand. Moments are coming together much more naturally and easier. All I need to do is simply press the button to open the lid to my light bucket.




Amie McCracken said...

Gorgeous, and very different. But who is clicking the shutter in these? That's so awesome.

JL said...

The top photo is of another couple that my girlfriend and I are friends with. The second photo is just visually deceptive. I had the camera to my eye, though it seems differently.

Thanks for the look.