A vision of things to come

It's spring and that means it's graduation time. Every year I shoot several graduations, mostly high school commencements. This year, for the first time in my tenure at the Camera, I shot the University of Colorado's spring commencement. It was a long and tiring ceremony of high contrast light. I originally was going to try and to a quick and dirty audio slide show but time constraints kept me from working up the audio and putting it together. I know, excuses. In some respects I was completely distracted in my mind.


While I was shooting photos of the graduates filing onto the plastic floor of Folsom Field I couldn't help but think forward two years to 2010. That is when I plan to be draped with a gown of crimson and gold, fresh off of completing the Digital Media Studies masters program and becoming a Pioneer in more ways than one. It will be a challenging yet fun two years I am sure. The journey is better than the end goal I know. But seeing thousands graduates spread across the field, all I could think about was how much different my life will be in two years.


Commencement: A beginning; a start. The word is more than just receiving a fancy piece of paper with your name and the school's name on it. In most respects it is the beginning of something more than the end. So, with seeing all those graduates I'm all about commencing a new beginning.





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