Off and running

Well, I covered the 30th running of the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day. It's always a long and hectic day. Monday was no different for 13 plus hours. I lugged a 300mm around all day, but it was worth it in the end I think. I got some exercise if anything from running about a mile with all my gear trying to shoot a photo of a man with an American flag. Never ended up making a very good photo of it, but it was a fun challenge dodging and darting through the G to H waves to keep up with him.


I made a few interesting frames this year. I had a totally different approach this year for some reason. I didn't shoot last year, but this was my fourth Bolder Boulder. Don't know what it was really that had me looking at it differently. Some issues were that I had a 14mm, a POS 28-80 that's as soft as a newborn's backside, 70-200mm and the 3. So I shot a lot really wide and a lot pretty long. Very polarizing on the creativity really. Check some more out over on Flickr. Maybe next year I'll get to run it without all that gear? Could be a pleasant change of pace really.


Well, I'm off and running again. This time on a completely different note. I'm heading to the motherland - Scotland. Be there for nearly 2 weeks. So hopefully I'll find a few broadband connections out of the 30 percent or so in the UK so I can post some photos. If I don't you'll just have to wait or go back and read about Brazil last year or other travels. I think I'm going to make a trend out of traveling every May-June.


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Joshua Duplechian said...

Have fun in Scotland. I can't wait to see some photos from your adventure. Good to see you yesterday as well. Word.