Freedom to play

We (Joshua & Co. Photography) were downtown this weekend to shoot a wedding at the Curtis Hotel. I was a little stressed when first hearing about some of the challenging lighting conditions – candlelit ceremony and an all blue ballroom – along with logistical issues in getting the wedding party around downtown before the wedding.

All those worries were quickly erased from my mind after embracing it all and playing around with what the situation presented. A little mishap ripping the crotch of my pants climbing up on a pickup truck helped lighten the mood, and cool me down. Pictures to come of that debacle later.

After it was all said and done, I look forward to the next "difficult lighting situation" and I really can't wait to shoot just about anything at The Curtis again. Wow, that place is fantastic.

Anyways, here's to the happy newlyweds Maggie and Lou!Thanks for letting us do pretty much whatever we wanted with the cameras.







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