Engagement session

UPDATE 12-14-2010: How bad is this, I never hit the publish button when I built this post a month ago. You'd think I've never done this blogging thing before.

Ran up to Glenwood Springs, Colo., last weekend to shoot some engagement photos of a couple that will be getting married next June. The challenge was that the fall colors had fallen off the trees and the white blanket of winter has not yet arrived, so finding interesting backgrounds for a couple that is very active in the outdoors was a bit of a hurdle. Luckily happy couple, Audrey and Chad, made it easy on me. All they did was play around Grizzly Creek in Glenwood Canyon and in an alley in town and I just had to try and stay dry while making simple frames.

The happy couple liked what we were able to capture and now they are on to ironing out the many details to come for their day next summer. Now I just have to make sure that CF card I dunked in the creek has dried out...







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