The future looks bright

So I have begun a new venture with a great friend and now partner Joshua Buck called Consortium Productions, LLC. We've been talking about starting our own visuals company for some time, but never actually did anything about it. Life seemed to always generally get in the way. Now that I've finished grad school and he sees the writing on the wall with newspapers as employers we decided to ball ourselves up and jump off the ledge to see what we can do. Having the freedom to seek out the kinds of projects that are of interest and have potential for great things is a refreshing notion.

We don't intend on only doing photography. We've already lined up some multimedia work and some video projects as well as a website development assignment. Thus the "Productions" part. We plan to help create just about any kind of visuals needed. In knowing how important branding is we set up a separate division for our wedding and portraiture work with Joshua & Co. Photography. Essentially, we are going to do anything we think is possible. Now, if I could only get going on truly learning After Effects for some fun motion graphic ideas....and I'd really like to do some VJ performances too. So many things we want to do, just have to figure out ways to make time for it all.

I have to say, setting up a business the proper way from the start is difficult and sobering. But it is becoming more apparent that in doing everything properly from the start we will be in a better position to succeed. Though it's only been a few weeks, we have been able to drum up enough work over the next several weeks that there won't be too much time sitting around staring at the monitor and Lightroom tagging our enormous archives of images with searchable meta data, yet.

If you haven't gotten it yet, I'm really excited about what we have already accomplished and some of our visions for the future. It's going to be some fun. Stay tuned, I'll be sharing some of our adventures in visuals. Have a look around our sites when you get a chance. Thanks for looking

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B said...

Oh my goodness, Josh!!!! I'm so excited for you! You are so talented, I know this going to be a wildly successful adventure! What a great year for you!