The start of the political storm

N0104OBAMA06c.jpg, originally uploaded by ©JL.

Let the games begin! In what could be one of the most pivotal election cycles of recent history. The ravenous media machine based on the up-coming presidential election is going to get tiresome I'm sure. Even more so when the Democratic Convention comes to Denver in August. It's going to be a hoot with all the parachute journalists and national media pushing the local media around and out.

I covered the Barack Obama Campaign party in Boulder tonight. They were gathered to watch the Iowa Caucus results come in, and they were very pleased to see that Obama won fairly handily over the crowded field of Dems. The election is not until November, it's the third day of the year, and I am already getting an uneasy feeling about shooting too much campaign coverage.

But here's to trying to shoot things in a respectful and honest way. Hopefully it will be better than I am predicting.

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Logan said...

Thanks for the comments on my Best Of... photos. I checked out what you selected for the Camera's website. I think one of the best is the family at the soldier's funeral, because it's a nice tight shot of the emotion and the reflection adds a little visual element without detracting from the moment. Also, the frame of the custodian has a nice emotional quality. Just wanted to share those thoughts.

By the way, I was just being sarcastic with the "are you happy?" comment. I, for one, appreciate the challenges you put out there. They have definitely helped me thus far.