Hard Work

N0113SKIWAX17.JPG, originally uploaded by ©JL.

Had a rough day at work last Friday. Was given the task of going to Eldora Mountain Resort to shoot photos of people skiing and boarding to go with a story about how some ski wax is toxic.

Regrettably there was 10 inches of fresh new snow on the mountain. It didn't make things easy to shoot, as it was snowing pretty hard the entire time I was there. But I did manage to pull off a few fun frames and make a few awkward turns. Having a camera in one hand and both ski poles in the other was interesting. It actually forced me to use better skiing technique, instead of being a lazy ski bum and just tearing down the mountain.

It was a good warm up day, as I went to Keystone later that day to get up Saturday and hike to a completely untouched powder-filled Bergman Bowl. Here's a photo of the bowl. Haven't been the first one down a completely virgin bowl before. It was so deep that I didn't even have to turn. I just glided along and giggled like a little boy. Then hiked about a half mile back up to the steep ridge to do it all over again.

Fun times.

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