Holy cold Batman

Had the pleasure of shooting aerials today in a small rickety plane. It was about 20 degrees and the plane was flying at 115 miles per hour. So the wind chill was about as cold as environmentally possible. I've finally thawed out after sitting in the sauna that is the newsroom.

It's always fun to see the world from a bird's view. Everything gets reduced to simplistic shapes and tones. The catch is making interesting photos of it all. Today the clouds were not participating very well, as it was overcast and made the light flat as grey steel. Despite all that I was still having some fun just shooting what was underneath me. Little hints of snow and large sheets of ice among vast amounts of brown. What's not to like about that?

I was shooting for an assignment that will run on Sunday. The photos were not real hard to make, just a matter of getting the pilot and plane in the right spot and angle. This must have been my sixth or seventh flight for the Camera and I'm still figuring out the best way to communicate with pilots.

Considering I come back to the office after each trip I guess I'm doing pretty well. Some of the planes I've flown in look very questionable. Gotta love tail-draggers.

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