Week of Hoops

Shot basketball three days this week. Eight games total and decided that college is much easier to shoot than high school. The game is a bit more scripted and has a sense of flow. High school is a game of chaos and typically in a relatively poorly lit cave.

So here are some of my favorites from the Colorado versus Missouri game that I shot today. CU has lost seven straight games. Ouch! They seem to play well, but fall apart in the second half. Maybe next year, right? Was playing with a 400mm today. And I mean playing considering I left the monopod on my apartment floor. Handholding at a fast paced game like basketball was tricky, but actually a bit easier than with the monopod I think. I also wanted to get away from the standard baseline shooting position. It get's really old down there. The shoulders are paying for it though.

Still working up the images from the seven high school games at Centaurus in Lafayette. If I find some uniques in there I'll add another post. Until next time....