Refresher course

Shot some game action photos for the Centaurus High School basketball team the other night. It's been tough shooting sports once a month and still get some good frames. Shooting sports is like playing them. Practice to play.

Just set up a single light on a bleacher railing and bounced it off the white ceiling and blue ducts. The ambient light is close to non-existent (f/2.8 @ 1/320 @ ISO 5000) so after a few frames of finding the sweet spots of the light hitting the floor I started to play with some different ideas. Don't know if they work but feel like they are something different from the standard wire sports photos.





I get another go at it on Saturday but I think I'm going to give two lights a try and see what kind of stuff I can get.

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Amie said...

Those kids are ripped! I love the third one where he is shooting at a shadow.