Apré Fotos

Went up to Arapahoe Basin to take some turns and have been craving playing with a camera more and more the last few days. Been wrapped up doing other things, so I have no excuses. But I decided to play around for a few minutes while waiting for a guy to do somethings after getting blown all over the place and skipping off a few rocks, trees and anything else I could find under the crystalized water vapor lightly draping the mountain. Nothing fancy or well thought out. Just some split seconds from my afternoon and that sweet shallow depth of field. If there were a f/1 anything, I'd buy it in a heart beat. Along with a 3-stop neutral density filter considering the exposures I had to make at f/2 at 1/8000 at ISO 100.

I'll try to make more photos sooner. Though, I've said that already. New Year's resolution, right? Nah, just need to get my act together.






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Joshua Buck said...

Love em, Josh. My favorite is of the skis over the shoulder. Happy New Year and get your act together, slacker.