Election Night 2008


I was able to shoot the Colorado Democratic Election Night Party in Denver for the Camera on Tuesday. It was a pretty energetic event considering the final results of the evening in the land of Blue. I didn't get any frames that I'm too charged about. It was mayhem shooting the Boulder-based folks because I didn't have a schedule of appearances. I was lucky enough to be around the stage when 2nd CD-elect Jared Polis was heading up to the podium, though I was out of position for the more desirable photo. Then as I was trying to send those images Colorado Senator-elect Mark Udall was introduced to the feverish crowd that had engulfed the front area of the stage. Thus I was stuck on a riser off to the side of the stage to shoot perpendicular to the podium. Luckily Udall and his wife were pretty animated and the location actually worked out pretty well.




While I was transmitting the lot of images CNN decided to call the presidential race for Barack Obama. I feel that I missed out on a pretty historic moment in history to be documenting. But it was very interesting to watch from a distance as the volume rose to that point of absolute crackling of your eardrum that there is not a decipherable sound.


The fact that people walking on the 16th Street Mall were just stopping anyplace along the way to listen and watch the acceptance speech confirmed the level of interest as well as importance of the moment. The crowds spilled onto the streets of downtown Denver and the celebration began. I made a few frames there, but was a bit preoccupied just watching and taking it all in.


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