The cheapest Halloween costume

I was recruited to shoot the 10th Annual Naked Pumpkin Run in Boulder for the Camera. Having covered this event a couple of times before, I was pretty much prepared for the ensuing craziness. The only problem I was worried about was the deadline of about 10:45pm for my photos. The group finally wound their way to the alley behind the Camera to strip and begin the run along Pearl Street in the buff, at 10:45pm.

I was able to turn in a couple of photos very quick but then learned that Boulder police were issuing citations for indecent exposure at the end point of the run and people were getting worked up. Several calls for back-up were crackling across the police scanner. After rushing back out, I learned that there were about 12 tickets given out and everything was pretty much over. Nothing to see nor photograph.

I didn't get anything too gratuitous at the end of the night. I think the sheer number of people that lined the street was more of the story than the folks wearing birthday suits. Because there were so many onlookers, the runners were basically walking and weaving through the crowd. Not necessarily the "run" of the previous two years I had been witness to.

It was a bit of a rush to have the pressure of deadline and still try to cover the event having been out of the cycle of daily newspapering for a while. I've missed it. Looks like Tuesday will be a bit of more fun too. Election night coverage is at times slow and tedious, but it will be great to be documenting and creating regardless.






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Joshua Buck said...

I guess it was only a matter of time before you were sucked back in...