The Re-Shoot

So I was asked to give it another go on the CU football preview cover photo. I was none too happy about having to re-do the assignment after all the hurdles and difficulty of the first shot. But I swallowed my pride and tried to do what I could with the situation.

This is the new version:


This is the original version:

And just for added fun I tried this today:

So there they are. Which do you like the best? Disregard all my whining and bitching about the situation and tell me which photo is the best one to use on the cover of a special section for the 2008 season.


Melissa said...

I prefer the first photo. Then again, I'm just a lousy writer.

How did you get the guys to perspire so much?

Amie said...

I like the idea with seeing through the helmet, but their hands are missing. So I like the first photo.

JL said...

They were sweaty because I did the re-shoot right after practice in a small room that was getting baked by the sun.

Just got lucky I guess. I'll post a PDF of the final cover once it runs.

Thanks for the feedback.


BFord said...

I like the close-up in the first image. The image where the one player only has one eye creeps me out. Whatever image is used, man, do I appreciate how sharp and clean your images are. I really struggle to shoot that well.