Fall Sports and Feature Hunting

It's that time of year when the evenings are crisp and there's a pig flying. Well, part of a pig anyway. It's fall and prep football is here. As is CU women's soccer. The problem with the game tonight was that the team I was covering didn't have a full roster. They only hand-wrote the starting offense and defense on a sheet for me to shoot a photo of. Spacing it out about five minutes later, I started banging off frames in this spectacular golden hour light.


The real problem arose when I had three photos that I wanted to turn in and had no way of identifying the players from the local team. Thus I was forced to turn in what are essentially trading card photos. Just a photo of one of the guys on the team in a simple frame and possibly bland moment. So the others will slowly die on the cutting room floor of my mind. And as a result you get to look at a couple other frames from the past 26 and one half hours.





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