Waiting games

Today was the anti-thesis from the last post. Today I became a paparazzi. I was waiting for nearly four hours outside a federal courthouse in Denver for a husband/wife duo that is accused of secretly charging people that used their credit counseling company and not reducing several people's debt. Read about it.

I sat in front of the courthouse in the chilly wind listening to an episode of This American Life on my iPod. The theme for the week was "What I learned from television." It was pretty funny and informational. I highly recommend the weekly radio podcasts as well as the new weekly TV version on Showtime. But sitting there staring around my environment I had to make photos. There were several things to take photos of. I learned that you cannot shoot photos of the courthouse without getting proper approval. I guess they think you are a terrorist "casing the joint." So after a few frames of the building I shot other aspects.

When they finally did come out of the court the wife pleasantly smiled for the camera, even though her husband tried everything to keep his face away from the camera. After getting their photos it was a mad dash to Boulder to try and find the reportedly new head University of Colorado men's basketball coach, Jeff Bzdelik. After transmitting my courtroom couple from one of the local Evil Empire locations, I waited on campus for a while only to be sent back to the office to be told that I was to go back to the Denver area in search of the new coach. Long story short...the reporter and I finally tracked down the prospective coach and his reported players after waiting outside a ginormous mansion in Cherry Hills hosting a booster club party. They were at a hotel in Lone Tree. We see a few key people and feel like the cat's in the bag. Only problem was that the athletic director spotted us and whisked away the new coach through a different exit. No photos of the new coach. Just ones of people happy to be in court, or so it seemed.

250 miles and seven hours standing outside of buildings later I wonder, how do those "photographers" in Hollywood do that gig? Oh, that's right, they get $10,000 for a photo. I still couldn't sell my soul to the devil and be that slimy. To each their own, right?

All in a day's work I guess. After tomorrow, I'll be wishing for another day like this.

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