The Showdown

So here's a few from the big football game. CU versus CSU at Invesco was fairly quiet this year. The game was a bit boring, with the exception of three plays in-a-row at the end of the first half. The tailgating was subdued compared to previous years. So I just did what I could and made a few frames that I liked. Shooting sports is like playing sports really. Sometimes you are "on" and other times you are "off."

This time I was neither. It was still a bunch of fun shooting my last collegiate game in a while with some of those other crazy kats who capture split seconds of time for a living. That is one thing that I will absolutely miss for a while. The camaraderie with people you are trying to out-shoot is unique and enjoyable. I'll be back in the mix soon enough I'm sure.





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Nathan W. Armes said...

Good work, good luck in school and - though brief - it was good seeing ya at the game.