Strong Second Half

So it's moving into the second half of the MLB season as well as my baseball team's season. The days are getting hotter. The air much drier. And my skin much darker. At least the exposed portions. The farmer's tan is coming along nicely, really.


I had the task of shooting Boulder's Connie Mack team play in the state tournament for the second straight day. Yesterday I didn't make a frame that was worth much other than the file photo pile. Today I decided to try and look for something else. The catch was that it was a true baseball game –ending with a 2-1 loss for the Panthers– and there was not much to really shoot. Only two or three plays and then the standard fare of pitchers and batters.


While I was baking I happened to see a fun frame or two near the end of the game. Nothing real storytelling for the game, but different from most of the other photos from the afternoon.


There's not many weeks left in my tenure at the Camera. I'm hoping to finish strong and not get complacent amid the gravitational pull of negativity growing in the newsroom. The bad news in the industry is rampant, but I don't want to finish like that. So much like a baseball season, I'm going to view the past week or so as the All-Star Break and gear up for a run at the pennant. I'm a few games back, much like our Bison in the NABA 28s. Here's to the coming weeks. It's time to rally.


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