Mirror of reflection

ValveStem, originally uploaded by ©JL.

I was walking away from shooting an assignment in Louisville and happened upon a bicycle in Old Town. At first it looked like a trusty retro single-speed tomato-red frame with a basket dangling from the splotchy chrome handlebars. But in reality it's a poor old rusty prop with weathered flat tires on a photographer's porch.

This photo is a sort of reflection of my cycling right now. Just been a little too busy with all the things going on in my world that I haven't had the energy or time to get out on the bike. I know cycling and seem as though I've never missed a week of riding. When in reality I haven't been on the narrow saddle of concrete for months. I really miss the bike and traveling around Boulder County at 20 miles an hour seeing various things, places and people.

Several things are coming to a close in the next few weeks that will allow me to regroup and focus on ticking the pedals over and over 80 plus times a minute and regain some semblance of my cycling form. I better anyway – I'm one of the 3,500 registered to propel themselves over 10,000 vertical feet over the course of 120-plus miles on July 12.

Allez!! Allez!!

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