A Call To Duty

The last week has been a video project on University of Colorado veterans. There are more veterans than you would think and for the most part are younger than you think. Sometimes I forget that we live in war time.

This was a ton of work, but not nearly enough compared to these four individuals that gave years of their lives. One plans to return to the Marines after graduation.

Take time to thank a veteran for their honor, their duty and their commitment.

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Danny Holland said...

Nice work Josh!

Christopher Lawson said...

Very good, Josh! Definitely works well - my favorite interview (as far as the way it is shot) is Will Fisher. I like the varying loose/tight of the video and the presentation is clearly helped along by the personal photos that each provided for incorporation. These are four videos that form one great Veteran's Day tribute that you should be extremely proud of producing. Thanks for sharing and for your hard work.