What a ride

So the Colorado Rockies made it to the World Series on a magic carpet winning 21 of 22 games. Then after nine days of hype and lack of real baseball they ran into the buzz saw that is the Boston Red Sox.

I was there to shoot every pitch I could while battling early deadlines, logistical hurdles and transmission problems. It was an absolute ton of work and a little stress covering a major sporting event like that for the first time. Not much time to really soak it all in. Just firing frames, thinking storylines and looking for moments.

Having to shoot every waking moment in case something is "the" moment of the game. Considering the shooting positions that the smaller papers were given, it's amazing we were able to cover the games as well as we did. Thanks to Nikon and the local rep Ron for the beloved D3 for the week, it was a touch easier and made for much better files to work with. Can't wait to get one permanently in my grubby hands.

All that being said, I tended to take a looser approach to shooting the games. I played with what was available. As I was not going to have a field-level shooting position I went for the scenic look in most of my photos. At times I was keyed on the action and just cropped the ever living hell out of a frame, but I wanted to shoot things that were not going to be typical shots.

I really wished the Rox had won at least one game to make it a little less bitter to swallow for the city, the fans and the organization. But like the loser Cubs fans always say, "there's always next year."

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