It's rough to be a Buff

S0916CU_FSU503.JPG, originally uploaded by ©JL.

Well I shot the Colorado versus Florida State game on Saturday. I didn't shoot so well in the first half because I was trying too hard to make photos on deadline. So after the half and deadline had passed I just started making some photos. I was able to make a few decent peak action frames for the first time this season. I guess like the players it takes a little practice and reps to get back into the groove.

It didn't seem like the Buffs were ever really in the game, but if they had made one or two plays they might have had a shot at winning. Thing is they didn't falling 16-6, which is much closer than it was. It's a very young team and coming off a 2-10 season it takes a while to learn how to win. Maybe next week.

Feel free to click on over to Buffzone for more photos from the game.

I'll have something different to post in a few days. I'm off to the Northwest for a mini vacation.

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Christopher Lawson said...

Nice snap, Lawton. Have fun on your mini vacation...jerk! =)