Happy Birthday America

What does the Fourth of July mean? Is it a celebration of our country's start? Is it a celebration of what our country has become? What does it mean to be an American in 2007? These were all questions I wanted to ask people while making photos and shooting video. Only problem was that between shooting all those stills and video and just talking with people about various topics, I wasn't able to get real answers in digital form to use. So now I have a project for next year. Just not enough time in the day.

But there was Italian immigrant Emiliano Ruscitti, of Frederick, Colo., competing in the annual bocce tournament in Louisville. Reminding me that, with some exceptions, nearly everyone in this country is an immigrant. One-year-old Lucas Holmberg, of Louisville, Colo., has eyes that are as bright as the future of our country and blue as our flag.

There were also thousands of folks gathered to watch the annual festivities of streaking balls of black powder exploding over Folsom Field. After shooting the Fourth of July over the past several years, I tend to forget what the night truly means and how excited kids get to see those fireworks lighting up the night sky. Sometimes the veil of a camera blocks the ability to see the world. There are times that photographers get so absorbed with manipulating a chunk of technology and composing an interesting view, we loose sight of what is really there. Endless possibilities and wonder.

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