Sorry for the delay

It's been pretty busy the last couple weeks, but that is not a decent excuse to not post for more than two weeks. Anyone know a good time manager?

Today's post will be a photo fest. Just some random photos from those last couple weeks. I'm in the midst of finishing up the semester teaching Photojournalism I, trying to find my niche in my new role at the paper and preparing for my first personal journey out of the country in eight years. I'll be traveling to Sao Paulo, Brazil for about 10 days starting May 10th.

I'll try to post a few times while I'm on the opposite side of the planet. I'll be making pictures and mini videos of the home country of my friend Diana Marques (pronounced G-Anna Marx). Don't be too disapointed if there is little to no action here. Connecting to the world wide web will be once in a while and we may just be having too much fun. It should be a great experience and I already can't wait to get off the plane after traveling for 13 hours. Enjoy the month of May.

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